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  • Podcast: Black Gems Dive in

    Thank you to “Black Gems Dive in” for having me as a guest on your podcast. On this week’s episode Kua and Kendra discuss the hot topic of the week, “There Is Nothing Minor About Us’: Why Forbes Won’t Use The Term Minority To Classify Black And Brown People”. The pair welcome Edreys Wajed, artist,…

  • Outside Influence: UB Arts Collaboratory

    Outside Influence returns today and tomorrow as a two-part episode shot @bufcat715 during ART DEALER’s installation for ART PLAY/GROUND in partnership with #ubartscollaboratory! Taking a break from painting his most recent mural at 712 Main Street–Love Black Boys/Love Black Girls–Edreys Wajed sat down with ToneyBoi in the storefront of BCAT to talk art, influences, Buffalo,…

  • #LoveWins by Edreys

    Love Wins Merchandise Click Here Find Merchandise at

  • iPhone and Android Wallpapers

    —lock-screen and/or wallpaper for iPHONE (iOS) users and Android users. AVAILABLE NOW:


    —NOT FOR SALE video short someone once reminded me to just keep being creative without apology by saying “Edreys…an artist gon’ art!” written, directed and performed by yours truly. Follow @eatoffart (IG) and Shop written, directed and performed by Edreys Wajed (2020)

  • dying privilege

    — “dying privilege” In response to black lives being snatched by police/ citizens, students and athletes kneeled in peace. remember? your privilege wailed out in gut wrenching pain from their protest of silence/because kneeling while “the bombs bursting in air” was oh so violent. students were reprimanded, adults fired for a kneeling demonstration/yet you some…

  • #Hampered – 3202020

    Curated by Alexa & Edreys Wajed ( IG: EatOffArt This installation deals with and addresses the nature of our consumerism, consumption and excess, prominently pronounced as we spend more time in our domicile. It speaks to the way that we buy houses with closets with drawers and racks in which to place and hang clothes;…

  • Murals of WNY

    Canisius College sesquicentennial Mural -150 years John ‘Spider’ Martin. From paper to wall

  • A Night to Remember

    Dancing and skating the hours away on weekends between my sister’s bedroom or at the local skating rink, known as The Arena, this song was only one audio snapshot of the music that had a major role in my upbringing. My sister had the only working turntable in the house, with speakers that I used…