Curating The End of the World (Virtual Exhibit)

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I am pleased to announce that I was selected as an artist, among some GREATS, in a virtual art exhibit.
“Curating The End of the World” organized by Reynaldo Anderson, Tiffany E. Barber and Stacey Robinson with the Black Speculative Arts Movement.

This two-part exhibition brings together an international cadre of artists whose work responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-black violence, climate change, poor governance, trans-humanism, and an accelerating, technologically driven economic system on the verge of collapse.

Curating The End Of The World is an Afrofuturist commentary on the end of our current age and “Cyclical Chaos” as conceived by Sheree Renée Thomas, interrogating the racist pathology and corruption that influences policy around the world. This multi-part exhibition will look at the global existential risks tied to ecology, climate change, anti-blackness, medical apartheid, and responses to the dystopian present.

There is a part 1 and part 2 – be sure to check it out. The art displayed is amazing.

The exhibition features creative works by Chloe Harrison, Jessi Jumanji, Kinnara : Desi La, Jordan P. Jackson, lovenloops, Zeal Harris, Kimberly Marie Ashby, Stacey Robinson, Patrick Earl Hammie, Jon-Carlos Evans and ReVerse Bullets, Shawanna Davis, Edreys Wajed, La’Nora Boror, Delita Martin, Sherese Francis, John Jennings, Damian Duffy, David Brame, Motherboxx Studios, Muniyra Douglas, Ingrid LaFleur, BLACKMAU, Zeal Harris, Nettrice Gaskins, William Falby, Charles E. Mason, Walidah Imarisha, Stefani Cox, Clinton R. Fluker, PhD, and ZiggZaggerz the Bastard with tobias c. van Veen.

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dying privilege

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— “dying privilege”

In response to black lives being snatched by police/ citizens, students and athletes kneeled in peace.

remember? your privilege wailed out in gut wrenching pain from their protest of silence/
because kneeling while “the bombs bursting in air” was oh so violent.

students were reprimanded, adults fired for a kneeling demonstration/
yet you some how tolerated without flinch a cop kneeling a human into asphyxiation.

face down, staring narcissistically into a pool of our own tears tinged with plasma/
the elephants in the room will river dance on our diaphragms, then report it wasn’t distress, it was underlying asthma.

If in conversation the words “I’m not racist” pirouettes on your tongue,
may your immunity of privilege die on the limbs from which we are hung.

-by edreys