A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember – 48”x48”

Dancing and skating the hours away on weekends between my sister’s bedroom or at the local skating rink, known as The Arena, this song was only one audio snapshot of the music that had a major role in my upbringing. My sister had the only working turntable in the house, with speakers that I used to think were towering, at least as a kid that’s how they appeared.

Having the only sound system and working stereo in the house, my sister’s room was the disco, my haven, the one place and time where as siblings we didn’t bicker, argue or fight. We would lift the needle on the record player and slowly draw it back a pace in order to place it back in the groove where we heard a funky break in the song; or had trouble deciphering song lyrics. There were times where my sister would bar me from her room, using her older sibling leverage to teach me a lesson, a painful one, when I would act out as the annoying little brother and do something stupid to offend her. She would even turn on the music, sometimes with my or our favorite jam, with her door closed, having a dance party all to herself, while me, the idiot of a brother, too young and foolish to make good and apologize with sincerity for whatever it was that I did wrong. I was left to snap my fingers along with the jam, alone with a frowned up face, above on the second floor where my room was located. My juvenile mind wouldn’t allow me to play nice long enough as to not be banned from her room and miss out on the discos!

Nonetheless, this song, “A Night to Remember” has so many good memories, much more good than naught, that I had to capture it as a part of my ongoing CHECK OUT MY MELODY Series.

A Night to Remember

48×48 Acrylic on Canvas


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