Video and Performance by Edreys

—NOT FOR SALE video short someone once reminded me to just keep being creative without apology by saying “Edreys…an artist gon’ art!” written, directed and performed by yours truly. Follow @eatoffart

Black Women are my Super Heroes

An incredible labor of love and fully authentic collaboration curated specifically to make a statement around respectfully acknowledging and celebrating black women. Our project is entitled “Black Women Are My Superheroes,” taken from a quote by anti-racism educator, Dr. Jane Elliot.

It was also deeply inspired by the many women in our lives and communities most marginalized and oppressed that resiliently hold the family unit in tact and are often sole providers, standing strong despite all obstacles. This project is an organic collaborative visual presentation, celebrating the elegance, depth of strength, creativity and resilience of black women through an artistic lens. With the talents of Naila Ansari and Zhanna Reed as choreographers and featured dancers; videography, editing and co-directing by Aitina Fareed-Cooke; photography by Robin Flowers-Quinniey; directing and music production by Edreys Wajed, incorporating manipulated sampling of the voice of artist Drea D’Nur, from a song called Darling, I Love You, this production aims to explore, redefine and concretize a new image of blackness demonstrating excellence and fortitude in their respective crafts, that also resembles conquering obstacles and navigating living life as black women. @ Eleven Twenty Projects

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