Wish you Were Here, 2020

Buffalo Arts Studio | Buffalo, New York | July 24-September 5, 2020

Guided Exhibit Tour by Edreys Wajed

Wajed’s newest body of work explores the transposition of sound into text, line, and color. His work captures the mood and rhythm of popular songs that serve as a touchstone to deeply personal moments throughout his life. Blurring the line between drawing, painting, and dance, Wajed’s marks serve as a record of the artist’s actions and reactions to the music, both in real time and through his nostalgic recollection. Like a needle cutting into vinyl, Edreys Wajed records the emotional and spiritual energy created by the music and lyrics of each song.

Wish You Were Here will be open to the public during regular gallery hours beginning Tuesday, July 28 and the artwork will be available for viewing and /or purchase through the ClickBid mobile bidding app. Gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 5pm. To ensure the safety of all of our guests, Buffalo Arts Studio is requiring all visitors to wear a mask, complete a brief health survey, and maintain social distancing at all times.

“Wish you were Here will be our first exhibition since reopening. We want to make the artwork accessible to as many people as possible, so we are using social media and the ClickBid mobile bidding app to bring the experience to everyone wherever they are. We’ll be here for folks who want to see the art in person and we will use technology to help bring the work to those who are not able to come into our galleries,” says Curator Shirley Verrico.

Edreys Wajed (Buffalo, NY) is an artist, educator, performer, and entrepreneur based in Buffalo. While in quarantine, Edreys and his wife Alexa have been very active on social media. Together, they have shared their experiences during these difficult times through their social media platform Eat Off Art (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube). Edreys has invited viewers to experience his dynamic practice during weekly Live Drawing Happy Hours (BYOB).

P.C.19 or “Pre-COVID19,” art events with the Wajeds would be large gatherings full of energy, positivity, and music. Despite the disjointed state of current affairs, Wish You Were Here will go on as planned, at Buffalo Arts Studio, adhering to CDC social distancing guidelines, and recognizing that during this time, social networking is necessary, as well as advantageous for a visual artist.

Wajed has worked on a number of public art projects as well. He has collaborated with Projex to present a series of text-based protection installations including Peace Please on the Peace Bridge, Black Lives Matter on buildings at W. Utica and Elmwood, and Love Wins at Silo City. Wajed’s work has also honored a number of local and national heroes including John ‘Spider’ Martin in a mural for the Niagara Falls National Heritage Area Mural Project and ten of the panels on the Freedom Wall, which run from the corner of Michigan Avenue and Ferry Street in Buffalo.

Time Elapsed – LIVE drawing | Plant Rock, 2020
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