– journey. mind your passengers. you may not agree on the path or the course, however if you agree on the destination, a rocky boat eventually settles and cruises. and possibly the larger portion and piece to consider on this journey is that when you look up and see the sails flapping, we aren’t in control much of the wind, only harnessing what comes from the divine in attempts to steer the vessel. the wind may have the better plan, although it’s scary to let go of your own navigation. – Edreys


Edreys is a second generation master craftsman, learning the lost wax casting method from his father Amon Ra Ptah.


A Cappella (published 2017) is a collection of written poetry by award-winning artist Edreys Wajed. Edreys is a creative innovator, influencer and a true renaissance man.

The Sidewalk – Imagine the darkest, roughest city streets and the tales it has to share. Imagine further, the street personified, with an actual voice to speak its truth. This visual presents an original poem written by Edreys Wajed.

The Sidewalk Stageplay Thumbnail sketch: Opening and closing with local poet Edreys Wajed reciting from his poem “The Sidewalk,” this play presents a series of vignettes of life in an impoverished black neighborhood, scenes based on Wajed’s poetry and turned into theater in collaboration with the Paul Robeson Theater’s Artistic Director, Paulette D. Harris (


Billy Drease Williams (born Edreys Wajed) is an American hip hop artist, emcee, singer and producer from Buffalo, New York; known for his uptempo production, clean lyrics, and motivational messages. Billy Drease Williams started as part of a short lived hip hop group called The Elements (formed with Soulive members Alan Evans and Neal Evans) and later was one half of a duo known as Raw Intel (with producer Trevor “TrevThorne” Drayton). Acclaimed Music critic Jeff Miers has described him as “the most promising, adventurous, nigh-on-visionary hip hop artist Buffalo has yet produced.”

Motivational Speaker

Edreys Wajed is an exceptional product of the Buffalo Public and SUNY school systems, graduating from both City Honors and Buffalo State College, majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Business. Edreys has often been referred to as a “Renaissance Man” with many years of experience, successes, and awards as a visual artist, Hip Hop entertainer, educator, and entrepreneur with a strong history of community involvement and influence. His goal is to use his cache of talents as a means of communicating, connecting, and inspiring communities for positive change.

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