Creative works

– whatever your gift is, gift it. gift it meaning USE it to improve things and people around you. I don’t mean gift it in the sense of “giving it away” at will aimlessly. choose when and who you want to gift your gift to gratis, however, know your value at the same time. your gift deserves all that’s it’s worth, both from yourself in tending to it and to others in recognizing and compensating you for what you say it’s worth. – Edreys

Many of Edreys’ T-shirt designs and original jewelry designs can be found at the following site:

Logo Design

Slow Roll Buffalo – T-shirt design 2018 (Available in many colors)

artist at 50

Cover Art 2018 – The Artist at 50; Opera Singer Melissa Givens

a different vision

Book Cover Art Illustration 2017
Available on Amazon
A Different Vision: A Revolution Against Racism in Public Education

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